Rainy Walk Around McCarston’s Lake

Date hiked: April 2019
Area: Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, Mono
Bruce Trail distance: 4.6 km
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Wide trails, hilly but not steep
Parking: Dead-end at 2nd Line EHS

We were monitoring the weather for the week to see if we could fit in a hike on a Saturday morning. The weather map was showing heavy rain starting at 11 am, so we decided to head out as early as possible so that we can finish before 11. We managed to get ourselves and the kids out and on the road by 7 am.

There was no one parked when we arrived, and the weather was grey and slightly drizzly. I bought the girls some gaiters, and they worked great at keeping their legs and feet dry. (This also means I can prolong buying new splash pants and they can deal with short pants for another season.)

This part of the hike is the west side of Mono Cliffs Provincial Park. The trail was well maintained and wide. We walked around McCarston’s Lake, but at only one part of the hike we could go close to the lake. We walked all the way to 1st Line EHS on a section that is shared with snowmobiles and once we hit the dead end road, we turned around to loop back to our car through the McCarston’s Lake Side Trail.


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