Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

Date hiked: April 2019
Area: Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, Mono
Bruce Trail distance: 3.3 km
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Wide trails, hilly but not steep
Parking: Dead-end at 2nd Line EHS

In between church and Easter dinner, we went up north to Mono Cliffs Provincial Park to hike the south-east side of the Bruce Trail. It was a beautiful day, so there were many families and groups out for an afternoon stroll.

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park is probably the most popular part of the Dufferin Hi-Land section of the Bruce Trail. It is very well maintained. There are lots of side trails to explore the park through, and I may even consider breaking my own rule of not doing side trails to come here again because it’s so beautiful. We sped through the Bruce Trail section and ignored the side trails for this hike. I think it would have great views if we came back in the fall when the leaves are changing colour.


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