Boyne Valley Provincial Park

Date hiked: May 2019
Area: Boyne Valley Provincial Park
Bruce Trail distance: 7.3 km
Difficulty: Medium
Terrain: Wide trails, but hilly
Parking: Roadside off the entrance on 1st Line EHS at the north-east edge of the park boundary.

This beautiful park was filled with hikers on a sunny Saturday day. We passed by many people as we hiked west/south on the Bruce Trail through the park.

The entire hike was very scenic, walking through forested areas and then open fields. The forest was starting to get more green and I even saw some trillium plants sprouting up! We started off the hike going up and down a couple of valleys and we were glad that there was no more snow or ice, because otherwise it would most likely be impossible to hike. (We’re still traumatized by our icy hike in Mono!)

Along the northern side of the park, we got a nice view of the land around us. We passed by some people with fishing rods, and they said they were at the creek.

It was a really enjoyable hike, with lots of board walks, bridges, narrow trails and we exited the park boundary on a wide trail, but a very slow uphill climb. I’m not sure what’s worse: a gradual, but noticeable uphill hike or a steep, shorter uphill hike.

The Bruce Trail continues down Hurontario and 30 Sideroad to connect to the next forested area, which we already hiked the week before.


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